Anti-Eurovision – visiting Mortal Kombat!

The jubilee concert of one of the greatest bands from Belgrade, Mortal Kombat. “Ranko Žeravica” sports hall. A big stage. Concert screens. The dedicated Kombat crowd. Guest performances by Iskaz, Irish Stew of Sindidun, and – us!

A massive thank you to Mortal Kombat for leaving it to us to open the 10th Anti-Eurovision, and another thank you for a truly supreme musicianship that was given to us on that night, together with Iskaz and Irish Stew. We’re grateful to everyone who sang with us from first to last note, confirming that we’re all part of the same mission! And of course, we’re most grateful to Marko Ristić (Zamrznuti tonovi) for his extraordinary photographs!

Some things cannot be expressed with words, but they can be remembered forever.

The photos can be seen here, and you can watch our performances here and here.