Battle for Košutnjak

12. July 2020.
Many of our older crew signed the petition against destroying one part of Košutnjak’s forests. ... Read more

Humanitarian Children’s Fair

20. June 2020.
The Culture and Educational Centre Rakovica organized the Humanitarian children’s fair on Vidikovac. ... Read more

Jimi & EKV & RocHoir

10. June 2020.
We’re very happy and proud to be part of this project by Jimi & the Garage Band! This time we collaborated a little differently ... Read more

Reach Out, Touch Music

13. May 2020.
Music knows no bounds – it also has no care for distancing and isolation. We bring you our second music video. ... Read more

Rock choir in the New Day

15. April 2020.
Reporters from N1 Television took an interest in our work and invited us as guests in their morning program "Novi dan" ("New day")! ... Read more

HEADLINER about us!

14. April 2020.
The crew from portal liked our cover of Goblini, so they dedicated a whole article to us! ... Read more


6. April 2020.
We're most happy to present to you our second single from the upcoming album, and our first music video! ... Read more

Rock’n’Roll for Success

30. January 2020.
On January 30th, we contributed to an awards ceremony held for the most successful students of Rakovica. ... Read more

Raise your voices!

18. January 2020.
On the 18th of January, we were guests on the traditional new year’s concert of “Raspevano svratište” (The singing shelter), named Svi u glas! (Raise your voices!). ... Read more


2. January 2020.
We happily present you our FIRST SINGLE from the upcoming album – Ruka Pravde (“Hand of Justice”, by Kraljevski Apartman), done our way! ... Read more

Support from the best

25. December 2019.
Our musical comrades and brothers in enthusiasm, the band Mortal Kombat, support us yet again! Watch the recording of our rehearsal filmed by the band’s vocalist. ... Read more