Šumadija blues

When we founded the choir, in an interview we were asked whether we’re planning to collaborate with a rockstar.
Our answer was – it would be nice, one day… We didn’t realize how close that day was.

MANY THANKS to R. M. Točak and the band SMAK for their support, and especially to Dejan Najdanović Najda, who immediately agreed to sing with us and help us give that special dimension to our performance. We cannot express how thankful and honored we are!

Thank you, Vlada from Soundgarden Studio, because everything sounds exactly the way we wanted it.
Thank you, young men from Vendo Production, because everything looks exactly the way we wanted it.
Thank you, our friend Saša Jimi Kesić, for helping us again.
Thank you, Dom Omladine in Kragujevac, and the locals from the villages Dulende and Velika Kruševica, because they happily allowed us to shoot our video there. We couldn’t ask for a more beautiful location, nor for better hospitality!
Thank you, Executive Car Service and MC Srbi Srbija, for helping us tell the whole tale of Šumadija blues in our own way.
Thanks to the restaurant Havarija Fast Food for taking such good care of us yet again.

And THANK YOU to all of you who are reading this and who have been supporting us from the very start!
Our new cover video is finally here.