Anti-Eurovision concert!

24. April 2019.
Anti-Eurovision! Mortal Kombat! May 18th, 2019! "Ranko Žeravica" Sports Hall! ... Read more

Avala rock

21. April 2019.
On April 21st, the Avala Tower celebrated its 9th birthday. Our performance began right after the nine doves of peace took flight. ... Read more

Morning with RocHoir kids

20. April 2019.
On Saturday, April 20th, we were guests of TV Prva in the program “Jutro sa Natašom” (“Morning with Nataša”), where we announced the celebration of Avala Tower’s birthday that we’ll be opening with our performance. ... Read more

Rock premiere

16. March 2019.
On Saturday, March 16th, we had the privilege of performing on the premiere of a Norwegian teenage art house movie “Los Bando”! ... Read more

New Year’s rock magic

28. December 2018.
On December 28th, the event "Novogodišnja čarolija" (New Year’s magic) was held on the plateau near the "Capitol Park" retail center in Rakovica. We presented ourselves to the crowd near Capitol Park with a tough sound, with strong messages – "Stop nasilju" (Stop violence), and "Ima nas gomila" (There’s a ton of us)! ... Read more

Our city’s gratitude

4. December 2018.
On the occasion of our performances during the manifestations organized by the Secretariat for Education and Children’s Welfare, we were given official diplomas. We’re so proud that our mission has been seen and recognized! ... Read more

Together, we can do anything

4. December 2018.
December 3rd is observed around the world as the International day of persons with disabilities. On this occasion, in Little Theatre “Duško Radović”, the manifestation "Ti možeš" (You can) dedicated to disabled children. ... Read more

Rock and virtual reality

15. November 2018.
"NS Virtual" is the first international conference in Southeastern Europe dedicated to interactive technologies for creating virtual and augmented reality. It was a great honor to be invited to perform at the opening ceremony of this conference in Novi Sad! ... Read more

Rakovica Days

8. October 2018.
Every year, the municipality of Rakovica commemorates Rakovica Days with the cultural manifestation bearing the same name. We took part this year with our performance on the 8th of October – only a few days shy of our first birthday! ... Read more

A rock’n’roll welcome to the new school year

14. September 2018.
Promoting good values and dismantling prejudices about rock musicians and the devotees of this movement are parts of our mission. That’s why we’re particularly happy every time we get a chance to perform in a school! ... Read more


8. August 2018.
Regional media are also talking about us! Pop-culture magazine published a story about our ideas and aspirations. Big thanks to the editor Josip Dujmović for supporting us and recognizing the essence of our work! ... Read more


25. July 2018.
We ended the first season leaving nothing to be desired – with the premiere of Komuna’s new single called Faraoni (Pharaohs) in which we also participated! Before the video shoot, we recorded our choir parts ... Read more