Reach Out, Touch Music

As the old saying goes, music knows no bounds – it also has no care for distancing and isolation. We bring you our second music video, a cover that we dedicate to each other. Everything you hear and see has been recorded using mobile phones, without a single standard choir rehearsal.

We’ve thanked our friends many times by now, and we’ll do it again with great pride – some things are simply priceless. THANK YOU, Saša Jimi Kesić, for the whole audiovisual production; thank you, Ivan Klajner, Đorđe Naumović (Slavina Ljubavi), Lucija Kesić (Lavirint Sećanja), and Jovana Novković.

A few decades ago, the members of Depeche Mode said that we should reach out towards faith during hard times. Our faith is music.