Knight’s rock

The RocHoir mission continues! On that note, here’s our NEW VIDEO and new cover, which is also the 3rd single from our upcoming album!

Just like before, everything you hear and see was created on the wings of enthusiasm:
THANK YOU to the band AlogiA, for the inspiration and support!
Thank you to the association Beli Orlovi (White Eagles) for their chivalrous hospitality and for helping us tell this tale the right way!
THANK YOU to Konstantin Stošović, because everything is JUST as we wanted it – even better!
THANK YOU to Saša Jimi Kesić for always being there for us, with all his heart and soul!
THANK YOU to Vladimir Ćopić from Soundgarden Studio for always being able to give shape to all our ideas!
And lastly, thank you to Havarija Fast Food for the best food ever, because you really need strength to fight like a knight…

2021, let’s go! RockHoir is love!