In our personal history, June 15th was marked by a performance on the international Border Rock festival in Kladovo!

The festival itself is located on the Fetislam fortress, on the border between Romania and Serbia. In a beautiful setting, we opened this two-days-long festival with great enjoyment. Our pride was that much greater as not only did the domestic bands take part in this festival (Orthodox Celts, Ničim Izazvan, Serbian-Romanian bands Unitedriver and Axis), but also those from New Zealand, Russia, USA, Romania, and Croatia. This was a true choir tour on which even the youngest members of the RocHoir ranks set out fully prepared.

We were additionally inspired to perform thanks to the beauty of Kladovo, but also thanks to our visit to the opening of a rock ‘n’ roll photography exhibition created by Mikica Andrejić (Čuješ li buku? – Can you hear the noise?), which we visited together before we left for Fetislam.

A big thanks to the organizers for inviting us!