Rock choir in the New Day

15. April 2020.
Reporters from N1 Television took an interest in our work and invited us as guests in their morning program "Novi dan" ("New day")! ... Read more

HEADLINER about us!

14. April 2020.
The crew from portal liked our cover of Goblini, so they dedicated a whole article to us! ... Read more


6. April 2020.
We're most happy to present to you our second single from the upcoming album, and our first music video! ... Read more

Rock’n’Roll for Success

30. January 2020.
On January 30th, we contributed to an awards ceremony held for the most successful students of Rakovica. ... Read more

Raise your voices!

18. January 2020.
On the 18th of January, we were guests on the traditional new year’s concert of “Raspevano svratište” (The singing shelter), named Svi u glas! (Raise your voices!). ... Read more


2. January 2020.
We happily present you our FIRST SINGLE from the upcoming album – Ruka Pravde (“Hand of Justice”, by Kraljevski Apartman), done our way! ... Read more


RocHoir was formed out of necessity to offer a choice to today’s preschoolers and elementary school students. Our goal is choice, and our mission and social responsibility is to make that choice possible. We are a necessary response to today’s society, in which twisted perceptions of musical, moral, and social values are predominant.

The name RocHoir came from a play on English words ROCK & CHOIR. By merging these two manners of musical expression, we unite different musical and cultural values in order to promote rock culture, which is based on the philosophy of bunt and critical thinking. Singing is the foundation of our ROCH CHOIR, but we also engage in the education of new generations regarding popular world culture through different workshops and other educational audio-visual content.


The idea to form the first Serbian children’s rock choir was actually born in an elementary school in Belgrade. The choir of “Ivo Andrić” primary school was performing on a jubilee anniversary of their school, under the conductor’s baton of professor Jovana Obradović. This performance was followed by a lot of media attention due to the interpretation and the repertoire itself. Not only were local media outlets talking about this (Rock radio, Nocturne Magazine, TV Prva, and many other digital news stations), but also foreign internet portals from all over the world – from Brazil and USA, to Germany, Spain, Poland… all the way to Japan. They wrote about the phenomenon of a school choir that performs songs by famous rock/metal bands, and often did they regard these interpretations as excellent accomplishments. Even the biggest heavy metal portals, like Metal Hammer, Metal Injection, and Metal Sucks, were intrigued by these performances, and even the world-renowned metal band MANOWAR shared the video of the choir performance of their composition “Heart of Steel” on the band’s official Facebook page. Numerous guest invitations followed – from Rock radio on Media & communications fair, opening ceremony of the Sports fair, international ecology and science gatherings, to collaborations with well-known domestic bands Samostalni Referenti and Ničim Izazvan.

Encouraged by all this, with the help of Miloš Dimitrijević, conductor Jovana Obradović gathered a group of very young and talented musicians who supported her idea and accepted to be part of the RocHoir mission.

During its first year, RocHoir had opportunities to perform on a few of festivals across Serbia. Many manifestations and conferences extended their invitations for us to perform, while the city of Belgrade publicly expressed its gratitude to the choir for our devotion to promoting culture, education, environmental awareness, and humanitarianism. We collaborated with well-known names on the regional rock scene, and many notable bands and individuals support our idea.

Through public performances and new horizons, together we’re creating a NEW WORLD!